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Early Career Teachers

At Queens’ we welcome ECTs as colleagues every year and aim to provide a high-quality induction programme.   All ECTs are registered with an Appropriate Body who monitor the completion of the Early Career Framework (ECF) and the ECT’s induction.  ECT Induction is coordinated by the Induction Tutor and we follow the guidance from the DfE about the arrangements for ECT support, this includes the following:

  • A Mentor is assigned to every ECT and meetings scheduled on both parties’ timetables.  Records of action points are kept and form the basis of ongoing discussions
  • ECTs in their first year have 90% of a full-time teacher’s timetable.  This 10% release time is used for the ECT to observe experienced colleagues and carry out other supported tasks
  • ECTs in their second year have 95% of a full-time teacher’s timetable.  This 5% release time is used for the ECT to observe experienced colleagues and carry out other supported tasks (such as moderation of marking with departmental colleagues or meetings with specialist colleagues such as SENCOs etc)
  • Observations of the ECT’s teaching are carried out on a half-termly basis and are conducted by the Induction Tutor, Mentor (possibly in association with the Curriculum Leader) and the Headteacher throughout the year
  • In the first two terms of induction, the ECT’s progress is reviewed and a progress report is written by the Induction Tutor.  The ECT is able to comment on the report before it is submitted to the Appropriate Body
  • Subject specific professional development opportunities are identified for all ECTs and are supported by Queens’.

Support for ECTs is readily available and we work with all colleagues to ensure that the induction period is completed successfully. ECTs are encouraged to talk to their Mentor, Curriculum Leader or the Professional Mentor if issues arise so that a timely solution can be found.

Many of our colleagues at Queens’ joined as early career teachers and have progressed through their career to reach various leadership positions. 

If you would like to know more or discuss opportunities further, please contact our Professional Learning Mentor, Jo Day at: