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School Closure

While our priority is to remain open, in the event of extreme weather, a decision regarding school closure will be made to ensure the health and safety of all students and staff.

We may operate a reduced timetable resulting in a shortened day. This could include a later start and/or an earlier finish. On these occasions, after-school events will be cancelled. Unfortunately, in adverse weather we are unable to guarantee that the buses will run at the beginning and end of the day.

We would ask all parents/carers to remind students to wear warm clothes and appropriate alternative footwear and to move around the school site with care, using the paths that have been cleared and gritted. Snowballs should not be thrown under any circumstances.

Please note that, even if the rest of the school is closed, public examinations WILL take place for those candidates who are able to get to the school.

Please do not phone the school as there will be no staff in school to take your call.

Closure before the start of school

In the event of extreme weather, a decision to close the school will be made either the night before or by 7.30am on the day of the closure.

The following arrangements may be used:

  • A prominent message will be placed on the school’s website / Twitter page
  • An email and/or text
  • Three Counties Radio (92.1FM), Heart (96.6FM) and Radio Verulam (92.6FM) will be informed
  • Hertfordshire School Closure Notification System available at

Late start to the school day

Where extreme weather events can be managed, a decision to open later will be made the night before. In such circumstances, the school day will begin at 9.30 with registration.

If the site cannot be made safe, a decision to close the school will be made by 8.30am on the day of the closure.

Closure during the school day

If weather conditions worsen during the school day making the site unsafe, a decision will be made to close the school. In this event parents/carers will be informed by email and/or text and the website/Twitter will be updated. Students will remain supervised by staff until appropriate travel arrangements can be made.

Please remember that staff will also need to make their way home and as such we ask parents/carers to prioritise the transport of their children away from school.

Remote Learning

The school does understand the sudden closure of schools can have an impact on households. Our intent is to keep the process of learning going as far as practical.

Students should follow their school timetable completing work posted on ClassCharts from Period 2. The nature of tasks set should allow students to learn independently, without the specific support of an adult at home/school. The type of task set will vary between subjects and will be adapted to the circumstances e.g. Practical lessons may involve watching an appropriate documentary.