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Personal Development

Queens' School recognises the importance of preparing young people for life in 21st century Britain, and that the development of the whole pupil - educational, social, emotional and physical - is an essential part of this. This entails a commitment to a programme of learning designed to complement and extend pupils' academic studies, while also helping them to grow into healthy, aware, responsible and considerate young adults. Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) aims to enable pupils to safely navigate a world which is changing rapidly, and which increasingly includes participation in online spaces.

We place great importance on a curriculum which has been designed to enable young people to make responsible, healthy, kind and well-informed decisions about their lives while respecting the choices and needs of others. RSE at Queens' School aims to provide pupils with balanced, objective facts about relationships, emotions, sexuality and sexual health. As with our whole curriculum, RSE underpins and fosters our school's STAR values:

  • Scholarship: Queens' students will learn about the laws and ethical issues surrounding relationships and sex, developing an awareness of sexual health and healthy relationships, and create connections between the detail and ramifications of British law and their own and others' real lived experiences. They will also be able to justify and probe beliefs and attitudes to social issues.
  • Tenacity: Queens' students will learn to think about, discuss and communicate sensitive issues maturely and thoughtfully, being mature and resilient when uncomfortable topics are discussed and taught. They will recognise how to withstand the pressure and dangers associated with exploitation, and will consistently behave kindly towards others.
  • Altruism: Queens' students will learn how to keep themselves and others safe to look after their own and others' wellbeing, and how to identify the signs of unhealthy behaviours and relationships. They will learn recognising the role they play in both Queens' School and the wider community, practising active kindness, and will understand how to challenge inequality and discrimination.
  • Respect: Queens' students will show respect for the choices and decisions of others, and understand how their own actions can impact others, both positively and negatively. They will learn how to keep themselves physically healthy. They will understand and appreciate the key British values of democracy, respect for the rule of law, tolerance and liberty, and how to articulate, debate and question diverse opinions in a mature manner.