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The Queens' Super-Curriculum is a programme of independent learning and opportunities beyond the day-to-day timetable which allows students to delve further into their academic subjects and gain a deeper and enriched understanding and advanced knowledge. This can be through further reading, podcasts, events, challenge activities, competitions, visits and more.

Dare to be Inspired forms part of our Super-Curriculum programme, designed to take your subjects further. It takes the knowledge you study in the classroom beyond that which your teacher has taught you or what you've done for home learning. You may go into more depth on something you picked up in the classroom, or learn about a new topic altogether.

Dare to be Inspired provides a range of activities from Reading, Listening, Watching, Researching, Creating, Visiting, Attending and Competing.

Engaging in Super-Curriculum activities will help you develop a passion for your favourite subjects.

Our Super-Curriculum Pages: