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Vision & Values

At Queens' School we strive to provide each student with the best educational opportunities that will transform potential into the highest academic and social achievement. We understand that while students have different gifts and talents, we have a strong belief that everyone can achieve something great and this forms the basis of our motto, our values and, combined together, our vision.

Our Vision

Queens’ School has a vision that all students will be:

Daring to be Great by pursuing our values of Scholarship, Tenacity, Altruism and Respect.

Our Values

Scholarship: the ambitious pursuit of knowledge, achievement and independence across a broad and balanced range of subjects.

Tenacity: the expectation of supported challenge for students of all abilities and talents; and of persevering in the face of that challenge.

Altruism: the habits of working collaboratively and selflessly as a part of the learning community.

Respect: the importance of demonstrating kindness, tolerance and respect for others' views, abilities and contexts in learning.