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Welcome to Queens' School Alumni (QSA). Queens' School celebrated its 50th birthday in 2019 recognising the significant contributions our alumni have made to our illustrious history. We are very proud of our former students, many of whom have achieved great success in their chosen fields since leaving Queens'.

We would love you to join our alumni and stay connected to Queens'. It doesn't matter when you left us, we are interested in sharing in your success and involving you in the future of the school. Your experiences since leaving Queens' could help motivate and inspire our students to feel more confident in making decisions about their future. Having grown up in the same area and perhaps having had some of the same teachers, former students are ideal role models as they are instantly relatable. They can offer advice to students from their own context. Alumni can prove to students that 'someone like me' can succeed and prosper.

Perhaps you could assist in one of the following areas:

  • Role Models
  • Mentors
  • Supporting the Curriculum
  • Work Placements
  • Volunteering
  • Fundraisers