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The Development Fund

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Students who join Queens’ School are privileged to join a top 100 state school where they benefit from dedicated staff and successful outcomes.

To maintain and build on our provision, there is a need for regular financial support from ALL parents and carers.  At Queens’ we have set up The Development Fund for this purpose.   All of the money that you give will help to provide and improve facilities and opportunities for the students at Queens’ School.

The consistency and generosity of regular contributions by parents and carers is important to our success so we thank you for your support.

The money raised through this fund is used:

  • to develop opportunities and potential
  • to develop teaching and learning
  • to develop facilities for students
  • to develop their environment
  • to develop school infrastructure
  • to develop the curriculum

Thanks to the contributions already made, Queens’ have been able to finance and support projects that have made a difference to all the students.

✭Current Project✭

Our project this year, by popular demand of the students, is to raise funds for another covered area for them to use at lunchtimes.

The target is to raise £20,000 by July 2018. Current Total: £15,886.02



‘This will be a great place to chill with my mates and have somewhere to go when it is raining.’ Kerry Year 9

‘I’m really excited by the idea of having a place to sit at lunch and break because we haven’t really got anywhere. Most days I’m literally sat on the cold tarmac with my friends.’ Amelia Year 10

You can participate and help us to reach the target by contributing to the Fund.

How to contribute to The Development Fund:

We ask for a standing order to pay The Development Fund £5.00 a month. Once set up, it will run for the duration of your child’s education at Queens’ School thus reducing the administrative work for both you and the school.

It’s easy:

Pay by standing order. Just complete and return the form (link below) to school. 

You can pay from as little as £1 per week or £60 annually, just indicate this on the form.

Payment can also be made
  • by cheque or cash. Please make cheques payable to Queens’ School The Development Fund. Cheques should be for the value of £60 at the start of the year or £20 each term. Still complete the Gift Aid section of the form (link below) if you can and return it to school with your cheque or cash.
  • by ‘one-off’ contributions which can be made through Wisepay (link below). Still complete the Gift Aid section of the form (link below) if you can and return it to the school.

Standing Order Form and/or Gift Aid Form
Contribute via Wisepay

Previous Development Fund projects:

  • A canopy and tables next to the Southside canteen which has created an outside eating area.
  • 3 new Minibuses.
  • IT Equipment in the new Maths block.
  • Picnic benches outside the 6th Form  Common Room.