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School Closure


In the event of severe weather a decision regarding school closure will be made by 6.30am to ensure the health and safety of all students and staff.

The following arrangements are put in place:

  • A prominent message is put on the school’s website/Twitter
  • A message is put on the school answer phone
  • An email and a text are sent to all parents who have registered with the school’s In Touch system
  • Three Counties Radio (92.1FM), Heart (96.6FM) and Radio Verulam (92.6FM) are informed will announce the closure at regular intervals
  • A senior member of staff comes to the school to inform any students or parents who arrive at the school

The Headteacher follows Hertfordshire School Closure Notification System so that updated information regarding school closures throughout Hertfordshire is available at

Please note that, even if the rest of the school is closed, public examinations WILL take place for those candidates who are able to get to the school.