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Attendance and Punctuality

Attendance and Punctuality

At Queens’ we believe that attending school regularly is one of the foundations of successful learning helping to prepare students for the world of work and adult life.

  • 100% Excellent attendance
  • 98% Very good attendance
  • 96% Good attendance

Absence from School

Notification must be provided by parents or carers for all absences from school. The decision as to whether to authorise the absence rests with the school.

Years 7-11 Absence line (24 Hours) – 01923 478234
For Sixth Form absence please follow the details on the Sixth Form Contact page

Authorised Absence

This includes illness and urgent medical/dental treatment.  The school may authorise an absence for illness if it has received an explanation from a parent/carer. Letters regarding absence and, where applicable, medical certificates should be given to the Attendance Officer.  Medical or dental treatment that is either urgent or cannot be made outside school hours can also be authorised.  However, attempts should be made for most routine dental or GP appointments to be made outside of school hours.  Parents are encouraged to inform the school prior to these appointments, preferably in writing.

Unauthorised Absence

Any absence where the school does not receive information from the family or when the reason for the absence is one that the school cannot authorise because it is not a valid reason for non-attendance is an unauthorised absence. For example:  waiting for the gas board, shopping or baby-sitting for younger children are all reasons that are used to explain absence but are not good reasons for missing school.

Leave of Absence in term time

If parents/carers need to take a child out of school during term time permission must be sought in advance in writing from the Headteacher. Leave will be refused unless ‘exceptional circumstances’ can be demonstrated. No authorisation will be given for the purposes of a holiday. Even in such cases where ‘exceptional circumstances’ are shown leave of absence will be refused where the child has a poor attendance record or would be absent during an important stage of their education eg. exams.


Students are required to register in form time in the morning at 8:30.  It is strongly advised that all students are on site by 8:25 am in order to be punctual to registration.  Students must be present in form time or have an acceptable reason for absence.

Students who are late between 8:30 and 8:45 should go straight to form where their Form Tutor will monitor and decide if a detention is to be set. After 8:45 students are required to see the Attendance Officer in South Reception to sign in with their reason for lateness and time of arrival. A note from parent carer or a medical appointment card is required for the authorisation of lateness caused by appointments or other circumstances known about in advance.