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Second Hand Uniform


Polo Shirt (House Colours) £3.00
White Shirts
3x White Shirts
Blazer £5.00
Pleated Skirts £10.00
Trousers £3.00
Ties £2.00
Aprons £2.00
Rugby Shirt £5.00
PE Top £3.00
PE Sweatshirt £5.00
PE Shorts £3.00
PE Leggings/Trousers £5.00

Old style uniform – Year 9 and above only.

Tracksuit Jacket £2.00
Tracksuit Trousers £2.00

If you are interested in purchasing second hand uniform, you can send a message to

If you have old uniform that you would like to donate to the QPA, and it is in good condition please leave in North reception marked for the attention of ‘QPA’