Library of Learning

The library has been in near-constant use this term by students, evening opening on Saturdays to a regular group of Year 11 students who have chosen to revise there! We feature a different author every few weeks and their books and a brief history of the author are on display as you enter the library. After half term, we will be moving the short stories to a more prominent position near our reference section but this is also to create more space for the fiction area which is so popular. We have over 3,500 books in the Junior fiction area and approximately 2,100 in the senior fiction area. Our most popular authors include Robert Muchamore, Malorie Blackman, Rick Riordan and David Walliams to name but a few. On average 400 books a week are issued or returned.

Year 7s are currently studying Life in the Middle Ages in their History lesson and we have lots of books for them to do their research as well as using the computers for further research or pictures to add to their project.

Currently, we have launched a charity drive in support of the British Heart Foundation: where we have old textbooks and well-loved reading books that have seen better days, we donate all our books to the British Heart Foundation. If the books have any value they will try and sell them in their shops. Otherwise the books are recycled. If you do have any old books please consider donating them. They will even collect by van! Further information can be found on the link