Hot Off The Press: the latest on Queens’ events and successes

A quick round-up of news and information that happened too late to make it into the newsletter!


Congratulations to the Year 10 Netball ‘A’ team who were district Runners Up in their recent tournament winning all matches bar one. In the next few weeks, Year 7/8/9 teams have their tournaments coming up so we look forward to seeing how the girls do. On the 9th March, 60 students will be attending a PGL netball weekend where they will be taking part in a tournament as well as team building activities.


This term is probably the busiest time of the school year in Dance as we have all of the year 11 GCSE practical exams taking place along with the Dance Show. The Studio is full of students every lunchtime rehearsing for Dance Show auditions which are on the 8th and 9th of February, all hoping to be able to perform on Wednesday 28th March. The Dance Show is a selection of work created during class, some club work and successful auditions.

Sharing the space during Monday lunch is Junior Dance Club run by Abbie and Morgan, two of our committed GCSE Dance students who like the rest of Year 11 GCSE group are also very busy rehearsing for the performance piece and their choreography, to be performed and filmed in March.


The school has been invited to enter a team of three Year 12 students into the Schools’ Analyst Competition, a national event sponsored by the RSC and the Analytical Chemistry Trust Fund. This is an honour and would be an excellent experience for any student interested in studying Chemistry at University. Teams are required to undertake various practical analytical determinations based on problems relevant to industrial or social needs. These are judged for skill, understanding and accuracy and are intended to promote team work and safety in the laboratory. Each competition aims to provide some tasks which are relatively familiar to the students such as titrations and others which are likely to be unfamiliar, such as chromatographic separations or atomic and molecular spectroscopy. The first heat for the East Anglia region is held at the University of Hertfordshire on 18th April. Students interested in forming a team should speak ASAP to Miss Smith.