English News October 2018

English A-Level Trip to ‘Othello’ at the Globe:

On the 12th of September 20 A-Level students and 3 English teachers had the amazing experience of watching Shakespeare’s classic tragedy ‘Othello’ live at the Globe Theatre. It was a fantastic, if slightly chilly evening that really brought the text to life with the fabulous Mark Rylance starring as Iago and Andre Holland in the eponymous role. Rylance brilliantly brought out both the humour of the play as well as the sinister nature of one of Shakespeare’s most terrifying villains. Full of music and movement, the production really enabled students to experience what watching Shakespeare may have been like for an Elizabethan audience as well as bringing this crucial A-Level set text to life in all its darkness and drama. It was a brilliant evening incredibly well-organised by Ms Jacobs.

Mark Rylance and Andre Holland as Iago and Othello in the 2018 Globe production


This year the English Department would really like to promote reading across the school not only to improve academic standards, but for pleasure. All students have been encouraged to submit online book reviews each time they complete a text whether fiction or non-fiction. We will be running a competition each term to see which form and individual student can submit the most reviews. To date, we have already had over 700 book reviews submitted, which is incredibly impressive. You can submit your book reviews via the link on the school website and we are looking forward to reading many more so keep up the good work everyone and keep reading!