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What happens at the ODC?

ODC3-300x225Learning in the ODC comes in many different forms and and the area is continuously being maintained and developed, making it suitable to be used across the curriculum.  Many students find the area to be a positive place to learn and appreciate the time they spend in the woods.  Another type of lesson is i:WOOD, specifically designed for Y11 PSE and Y7 form groups where there is a strong focus on resilience and independent learning delivered through a holistic style of teaching.  Smaller groups of students also get to use this space and sessions are run through-out the year which tackle specific needs of these students.  Also, enrichment days have been taking full advantage of this space; students have been able to build dens in the woodland, camp overnight in shelters and explore the delights of preparing food outside and cooking on camp fires.

Students will experience the outdoor classroom in all seasons and no matter the weather. With this in mind, the time outdoors works best when students are suitably dressed. Please make sure your child wears a coat in cold or wet weather.  Also, an extra jumper and some thick sock can also make the experience a far more enjoyable one.