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The Library is a whole school resource for all students, staff and governors.  It is based on the South Side of Queens’ School and is open from 8.00am until 4pm everyday.  The LRC is also open break time and lunchtime.

The LRC aims to:
  • To promote a love of reading and research.
  • To encourage independent, investigative enquiry.
  • To promote a commitment to the regular reading of fiction.
  • To enable students to understand how libraries function.
  • To develop information retrieval skills.
4 Main areas:-
  • Fiction
  • Non-fiction
  • Sixth Form
  • Computer

 Code Of Conduct

  • The Library is to be used for serious study and quiet reading: no other activity should be taking place.
  • Bags and coats to be left outside at all times.
  • Food and drink must be consumed before coming into the Library.
  • The computers are to be used sensibly.
  • Please help to make the LRC a purposeful and calm place at Queens’

Any student not observing the code of conduct will be asked to leave the LRC