Creativity, Collaboration and More!

This term has seen the fruits of so much creativity and application in all our Arts subjects, from the annual exhibition of exam work to performances such as the Summer Evening Concert in June. All of these could not have happened without the dedication and passion of staff and students throughout the academic year.
This year, in Art & Photography at all levels, we have been encouraging students to experiment with a wide range of materials and ideas so that their work is personal yet based on the knowledge and understanding they have been taught. The A level exhibition showcased these skills at an exceptional level; our students demonstrate their creative visions by making mundane objects such as plastic straws and a bathroom cabinet into something that is engaging and beautiful. Drama students have been devising their own pieces across all key stages, collaborating in small and large groups to create brilliant theatre. This week, we had the pleasure of watching a Year 7 group understand and eruditely discuss the intricate issues surrounding bullying through reading and acting parts a gripping play. Collaboration, Creativity and Competition is the name of the game in the Y9 Battle of the Bands this term (I’m looking forward to that!). Music, Drama & Dance have brought students of all ages together to produce such amazing spectacles as House Music and the annual school show to name but a few.
We have the privilege of working with a faculty of exceptionally creative practitioners who are passionate about developing creative skills in every student. We acknowledge and celebrate that the 3Cs (Creativity, Critical thinking and Collaboration) are skills that are particularly nurtured in our faculty. Focusing on process rather than outcome allows students to take risks and become independent thinkers; skills which they will need for their lives long after they have left Queens’.

As creative departments, we welcome students to continue their enjoyment and practice in numerous lunchtime clubs and after school tuition and extra support. It has been a pleasure to witness how students grow in confidence when they get involved in our subjects and understand the importance of making mistakes in order to develop and learn.

After 17 years at Queens’ I will be very sad to leave such a wonderful faculty and a fantastically creative group of teachers and students, but I look forward to returning from time to time to see the next chapter ……..

Nicola Jarvis (Head of Art & the Creative Arts Faculty)