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Consortium Tests at Queens’

RW1_6130The purpose of the South West Herts Consortium Admission Tests is to produce a mark with which parents are able to assess the chances of a particular school offering their child a place under the relevant test criterion. The composition of this mark is of no relevance to this purpose and so no breakdown of the final published mark will be given. The score issued by the Consortium should be compared with the historical information about admissions over the last three years which is available on each Consortium school’s website. This comparison enables each parent to make a considered decision.

Academic Tests

Information about the test and the arrangements, will be sent to applicants prior to the date. Sample questions for the Academic Tests, will be available on registration with the Consortium. There are no sample questions available for the Music Test. The tests do not have multiple choice answers.


This part of the test will take 50 minutes and consists of 50 questions. Papers are prepared specifically for the Consortium. The test is based on Year 6 Mathematics.

Verbal Reasoning

This part of the test will take 45 minutes and consists of 100 questions. Papers are reserved specifically for the Consortium. Similar verbal reasoning tests for this age group are available from book shops.  The scores are “age standardised”. This takes in to account the age range within the year group so that all have a fair assessment.

There is no pass mark for the academic test, places being offered strictly in descending order of each applicant’s standardised test score until the places are filled. Academic Test – Special Consideration

If you consider that your child might be disadvantaged under the terms of the Disability Discrimination Act, or has special educational needs which require the test centre to make particular provision for the tests, you must provide written evidence of this from your child’s current school Headteacher. This evidence must be sent immediately after registering for the test. Please send a copy of the test registration confirmation email along with the written evidence to:

Test Co-ordinator
South West Herts Schools Tests
PO Box 2439
WD18 1UZ

It is very important that you do this so the paperwork is received by Friday 1st July 2016 at the latest.

If you have applied via a paper application please send the information along with your name, child’s name, date of birth, address, telephone number, current school to the PO Box address. If you are unsure of your child’s eligibility for special provision, please contact any Admission Secretary

Music Test

All applicants for Music will sit a written aptitude test. The test does not require any previous knowledge of music theory. There are no practice papers for the Music Test.

Sports Test

The PE Aptitude Test is for applicants to Queens’ School only.  The Sporting aptitude tests will cover the core movement skills.  Each of the tests have been carefully selected from the Council of European Physical Fitness (Eurofit).

Link to Sports Test

Owing to the overwhelming response to this test, we stress that only those with exceptional sporting ability and who live within our catchment area (WD3-WD7, WD17-WD19, WD23–WD25, AL2 (South of M25), HA6, HA5 3**, HA5 4**, HA3 6**, HA7 3**, HA7 4**) have a realistic chance of achieving a place through this route. Children who have a sibling who will be attending Queens’ School at the time of admission need not apply for this test.

Queens’ School uses the information from the admission tests to group the new intake appropriately and it is therefore necessary for all potential applicants to Queens’ to sit the tests, including those intending to apply as siblings of a present pupil of the school.  This is not done to determine whether they will be offered a place as this is guaranteed under the sibling rule. This applies only to applicants for places at Queens’ School.