Brilliance at Queens’!

‘The Brilliant Club’ was a new initiative run at Queens’ this year, and forms part of the Widening Participation project of some of the UK’s top universities. In total, eleven Year 8 students, all high flyers in mathematics and the sciences, were invited to join the club and take on additional lessons in ‘medical engineering’, led by PHD student Isabel de Roever of University College London.

The students were lucky enough to spend the day at King’s College, London, and New College, Oxford as part of the experience. On both visits they attended study skills sessions with their PhD tutor, met current undergraduate students who took them on a ‘behind the scenes’ tour of the universities, and answered all of their questions (including if they could use the croquet lawn…only at Oxford!).

In school, the Year 8 students completed a bespoke project, designed by ‘MetaboLight, UCL’, entitled ‘Illuminating the Body’. The course ran within the normal school timetable, and students were taught about the engineering design process through the design of a medical physics device. At the end of the course all eleven students completed a 1500 word report showing the design of a NIRS system to monitor muscle on athletes.

The students did incredibly well, with two students achieving a 1st, which means that their project evidenced them working considerably above Key Stage 3 level. A further six members of the club achieved a 2:1.

We would like to congratulate all of the students in Queens’ first ‘Brilliant Club’, and hope that they were all inspired to explore future careers in the sciences.