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Academic Tests

RW1_6211-2-2Parents who think that they may apply to Queens’ School under the Academic criterion must register to take the entrance tests with the SW Herts Consortium. This should be done via the SW Herts Consortium website when the student is in Year 5.   The website will be open for registration from mid-May and the entrance tests will be held in September when the student is in Year 6. Details of the arrangements for the tests will be notified to parents who have registered nearer the time.

Please note that past test papers are not available from the school. Similar styles of paper can be purchased from bookshops and are the “Standard” versions and NOT “Multiple Choice”.

The same mark scheme is used by all the schools in the Consortium and is strictly adhered to. The papers are marked by our teachers. For any one child, one teacher will mark the Mathematics paper and another the Verbal Reasoning paper. A sample of each person’s marking is then taken and re-marked by an Assistant Headteacher to ensure accuracy.

The scores are then converted to an “age-standardised score” based on the child’s age in completed months. This takes into account that some children are very young in the year group.

There is no pass mark for the academic test, places being offered strictly in descending order of each applicant’s standardised test score. Click here for previous years’ test scores.

Special Consideration

Parents who consider that their child may be disadvantaged under the terms of the Disability Discrimination Act or has special educational or medical needs which may require the allocated test centre to make particular provision for the tests must provide written evidence of this from the child’s current school Headteacher.  This evidence must be sent by the deadline date as advised by the SW Herts Consortium.  Parents will be informed in advance of the test date of any appropriate special arrangements that will be made for their child. Every effort will be made to ensure that the tests are accessible and fair to all children.

Illness or Inability to attend the Test

The test is arranged for a Saturday in order to accommodate the families with varying working patterns. If, for any reason, a student is unable to attend the Academic Test, they should notify the Admissions Officer at the allocated test centre as soon as possible.

Admissions Policy