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Sixth Form

6th Form Open Evening Presentation

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6th Form Handbook 2015-16

6th Form Admissions Policy

Results Days:

GCSE – Thursday 20th August in North Hall 9.00am – 10.00pm

(If you have made an application for the Sixth Form, please see a member of the Sixth Form Team before you leave)

A Level – Thursday 13th August in the North Hall.

Year 13 – 9.00am – 10.30 am

Year 12 – 9.30am – 10.30 am

(The Sixth form team will be around in the Sixth Form centre to help with any problems regarding university or queries about returning into year 13)

Sixth Form Enrolment Days in September

Year 12 – Wednesday 2nd September

Please assemble in Sixth Form Common Room

New Entrants: 8.40am (p1)

Auden and Drake: 9.45am (p2)

Newton and Sutherland : 11.15am (p3)

Year 13 – Thursday 3rd September

Please assemble in Sixth Form Common Room

Auden and Drake: 8.40am (p1)

Newton and Sutherland: 9.45am (p2)

The Sixth Form at Queens’

Many fantastic opportunities and wonderful life changing experiences happen in and out of the classroom in the Sixth Form, but these do not happen without careful planning and hard work from everyone involved. With this in mind, it is very important that students know as much as possible about the Sixth Form. Therefore, the most important three pieces of advice that I would give to Year 11 students (and parents) would be ASK, ASK, ASK.

This options booklet is an important step in ensuring that everyone involved in this process is as well informed as possible. If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to ask Mrs Antcliffe, Mrs Austin or Mr Rooney.

  • In late January, senior staff interview Year 11 students to help them decide if the sixth form is best for them and to discuss what courses they might be interested in studying.
  • In February, students fill out their subject choices. Your choices let Mrs Hanson decide which courses will run and help her to organise option blocks.
  • In March, Sports Academy application deadline.
  • In April, we will take in final applications for the sixth form.

Sports Academy applicants will have tests, trials and an interview (for those that have passed the trials).

  • In June, you will sit most of your GCSE exams (so we will leave you alone!)

All successful applicants will receive an offer letter before their exams.

  • In June/July, we run 2 Induction Days so students can experience A Level lessons, pick up reading lists, Maths Entry Test preliminary materials and summer work

Sports Academy pre-season training begins.

  • In August, you will receive your GCSE results.
  • In September, every student enrolled individually to ensure that they have made the right choice for their package of sixth form subjects. Mathematics and Economics students will sit a Maths and Economics entry test on the day before term starts.

Entry requirements:

To enter our sixth form students must achieve at least 5 A*-C grades at GCSE.

In order to study 4 AS Levels in Year 12 students must achieve 5 A*-Bs at GCSE and achieve a GCSE APS score of 46 or above.

Our excellent results could not have been achieved without close monitoring and very high expectations of Sixth Form behaviour and work ethic.

Although our entry requirements vary for different courses, all students must prove they will be hard working, self-motivated and an asset to the sixth form. We expect that most Year 11s will want to stay on and we will try to help you choose a realistic package of subjects.

If you do not meet the entry requirements for the subjects you want to do – DON’T PANIC! You may have to change some of your course choices but we will try our best to find you a suitable package of subjects to study. It is essential to have a ‘Plan B’ – 2 or 3 subjects that you could pick up if your GCSE results are below what you are hoping for.

Choosing a course package

When you choose your courses you are committing yourself to a package of subjects for the duration of the year and it is our policy not to allow students to drop or change subjects. It is therefore crucial that careful consideration is given to deciding on classes that suit the individual

We offer the following packages of subjects:

  • A package of four AS Levels
  • Vocational courses combined with AS Levels
  • A BTEC course in Sport (equivalent to 3 A Levels)

 All of the above packages include 2 compulsory periods per week:

  1. PSE / General Studies (with the possibility of an extra AS Level)
  2. 6th Form Games (football, netball, table tennis etc.)

A package of four AS Levels

We enjoy fantastic success in our AS Levels but every year many students are surprised by the demands of this package of subjects. Students wishing to study AS Levels generally require ‘B’ grades or better in their chosen subject. In some cases, A grades are required, please study the table below carefully.

Heads of Departments will make final decisions on course entry. If you do not meet the entry requirement for a particular subject you may still be accepted onto the course, but you will need to discuss this with the relevant Head of Department after your GCSE results are published.

The subjects listed are those currently available. Either a lack of demand or of available staff may lead to subjects not running in September.

Please note that subjects have the following additional entry requirements.

All students wanting to study 4 AS Levels must achieve at least 5 B grades at GCSE. The table below sets out additional criteria for individual subjects:Advanced Vocational courses:BTEC / Applied BusinessStudents require 5 GCSEs at grades A* - C, including at least a C grade in Business Studies (if studied) and C grades in Maths and English Language. Where demand is high for places, these are likely to be awarded to students with higher grades. Please note that the course is equivalent to two A levels but can only be taken with ONE other AS Level.BTEC / Applied ScienceGrade B in GCSE Additional Applied Science, Additional Science and any of the separate Science GCSEs plus Grade C in GCSE Mathematics and English.BTEC National Extended Diploma in Sport (Sports Development, Coaching and Fitness)Students require 5 GCSEs at grades A* - C. It is advantageous to have at least a ‘B’ grade in Maths and/or English.This course is the equivalent of 3 A Levels and does not require involvement in the study of other AS subjects.BTEC National Diploma in Sport (Sports Development, Coaching andFitness)Students require 5 GCSEs at grades A* - C.   It is advantageous to have at least a ‘B’ grade in Maths and/or English.This course is the equivalent of 2 A Levels and is studied in conjunction with two AS subjects.Please note that whilst it is possible to be accepted onto a BTEC course without a ‘C’ grade in Maths or English, it is a requirement of the course that this standard is attained before entry into year 13 (second year) can be considered. This may mean undertaking a resit within these subjects.Re-sitting GCSE Mathematics and EnglishStudents who fall short of grade 'C' in GCSE Maths and English can re-take the exam in either November or June. However, this can only be for students who narrowly missed a pass grade.In Mathematics this means only students who gained a 'D' grade can re-sit in the sixth form.A final suggestion!Few students go through Year 11 without changing their mind. We ask all Year 11 students to find out about their chosen courses and also to think of more than one package of courses.

  • Plan 'A' - subjects you choose if your GCSEs equal or better your predicted grades.
  • Plan 'B' - subjects you choose if your GCSEs fall below your predicted grades. Please think carefully about staff predicted grades; they tend to be accurate
Subject  Entry criteria
Art B grade at GCSE
Biology A in Additional Science and an A in the Biology paper or A grade in Biology GCSE
Business Studies B grades in Maths and English Language and a B in Business Studies (if studied)
Chemistry A in Additional Science and an A in the Chemistry paper or A grade in Chemistry GCSE plus B grades in English and Maths
Computing B grades in 5 GCSEs (GCSE in Computing is required)
Dance B grade at GCSE or by agreement with HoD.
Economics A grades in Maths and English Language and an A in Business Studies/Economics (if studied).B grade for entrance essay task
English Literature A grade in English Language and B in English Literature
English Language and Literature A grade in English Language and B in English Literature
Food Technology B grade at GCSE
French B grade at GCSE
Geography B grade at GCSE, A grades in 2 other humanities subjects or science if Geography not sat at GCSE
German B grade at GCSE
Government & Politics A grades in at least two other humanities subjects
History A grade at GCSE History
Mathematics A at higher tier and a pass in the Maths entrance test (see Maths section)
Music B grade at GCSE and grade 4 standard in musical performance and B in Maths + commitment to instrumental/vocal lessons
Photography B grade at GCSE Art OR submit 20 of your best photographs (non-artists)
Physics A grade in Additional Science and A grade in Physics paper.   Must study AS Level Maths (Mechanics)
Physical Education A at GCSE and B grades in science including on the Biology paper
Psychology Two B grades in English. B in Science and B in Mathematics. A grade in one social science or humanities subject.
Product Design B in English, Science, Maths, DT and/or Art
Religious Studies B grade at GCSE or B grade in GCSE English and one other humanity if not sat at GCSE
Sociology B grade in GCSE Sociology or 2 other humanities if not taken at GCSE
Spanish B grade at GCSE
Textiles Strong pass in Science
Theatre Studies B in GCSE Drama and GCSE English